Shattered Circle cover


Jackson Cole is a newly minted homicide detective thrown head first into the grinder when he is ordered to investigate the grisly murder of three women, each adorned with seemingly occult symbols.

The press is stirring up a killer cult frenzy in the media. The mayor, the Chief of Police, and Cole’s Captain want results to calm an increasingly fearful public; and Cole’s supposed partner is nowhere to be found. It’s just another day at the office until a stranger shows up spouting a wild theory: blood magic.

Cole won’t even consider it. There is no such thing as magic, no such thing as voodoo; and there are no demons roaming the Charleston Peninsula. There’s always a rational explanation for the evil humans commit upon one another.

Then a demon tries to take Cole’s head off.

How do you stop a supernatural evil, something ancient and unencumbered by the laws of either physics or man? Especially when all you bring to the fight is a pistol and a pair of handcuffs.

If Jackson Cole wants this case to close he will need to open his mind to a world of the impossible. A world he never knew existed, until now. Then he’ll have to survive it.






What happens when a clandestine group of politicians and intelligence operatives run prototype weapons through Lieutenant Peter Bank’s jurisdiction? Nothing, they’re clandestine, no one knows they exist or what they do…Right?

Correct, right up until one of their prototype weapons turns up at a drug bust, along with a congressman’s son who likes to moonlight as criminal élite.

The paperwork on the arrest is not even dry before an army of politico’s and local executive pressure comes down on Banks and his narcotics unit like a thousand-year flood. Everyone wants to make the arrest of a prominent politician’s offspring go away, even Bank’s own Chief of Police. Nine times out of ten that wouldn’t be a problem. Most cops follow orders, most cops have a stake in their careers.

Peter Banks has his pension locked up and has been burned before by political fixer’s who seemed to think the various strata of society are not all created, or treated equally under the law. On top of that Banks has a team behind him that would follow him to hell and back if it meant getting the job done. They are the Spoilers.

From an exclusive island off the coast of South Carolina, the mountains in the upstate, to the gutters of Charleston, SC Banks and his team reacts poorly to corruption and will charge through mercenaries, government assassins, and their own hierarchy to see justice done; and they will do it at terrible cost.

Spoilers details what happens when a determined police unit puts service and doing the right thing above themselves. It is a fast paced, intricate, and explosive read that leaves the audience exhausted and begging for more after the last page is turned.

Brothers Keeper


Alex and Charlie were brothers born of blood and violence during the battle of Fallujah. Then they came home and became cops. Charlie couldn’t let go the adrenaline rush of the battlefield and it showed on the street. Always looking for a fight, he went dark, crossing the line one too many times until he went so far even Alex couldn’t bring him back.

That’s what Alex thought anyway until a terse message led him into a gunfight and a recording Charlie left him in case the worst happened.  Turns out Charlie hadn’t gone dark, he’d gone deep undercover and sacrificed his entire life to do so. The worst has happened, and now Alex has to save the life of a man he’s written off.  As much as he doesn’t want to admit it, the sad truth is brothers are brothers. Alex will run the gauntlet through anything and anyone to save the life of his brother. Then he’ll kill him himself.

Brother’s Keeper details to what length a man will go to save the life of a friend. This fast paced crime thriller also illustrates the dark often hidden reality that is human trafficking.